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The history of pubic hair makes us go back to the 1450s

When the prostitutes began shaving their pussy in order to maintain a more accurate hygiene and avoid the crabs, Paradoxically what they did next was put a pubic wig to present in front of their clientele, so it can be said that the first hairless pussies did not They were socially accepted. Only some Hindu tribes began to do so for aesthetic reasons, as documented in an ethnology study in 1901.

Hairy cunts have reigned since the beginning of time,

And it was only from the eighties that some sex workers such as porn actresses or strippers decided to apply a radical hair removal to their crotch, coinciding with the social panic of AIDS and other venereal diseases, The immaculate pubis gave an impression of cleaning and stimulating those who had fantasies of youthful air. Photos of hairy pussies began to lose their presence in erotic magazines and video porn, and plain cunt emerged to reign for almost all ninety-part of the following decade to the point of becoming a kind of canon: pussies very hairy became the object of rejection by the new generations who grew up watching porn with shaved lips, the mats were reserved for the erotic niches of mature hairy or young girls with hyperdeveloped hair facet, and in porn and strip clubs the most that could be seen was shaved little triangles of an incipient shadow.

With the resurgence of new wave feminism and the new more voluptuous beauty standards, in addition to the acceptance of mature women in the meat market, it is returning to the point from which we should never leave: hairy pussies are once again present in more and more productions for adults, and the return of the felpuditos in various variants of size, shape, color and density are rising as natural, habitual and socially accepted.