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The bosses fuck their secretary among all

The Italian Valentina Nappi has a great company, she is the boss more and her managers are all women, it is her label, all senior positions are exclusively for women. But there are also men on staff, it is important to be able to rejoice with handsome boys and for this they have hired a very capable secretary with their work but at the same time he is very handsome.

The directors and Valentina organized a meeting that morning to discuss their plans with the young secretary. They reached a conclusion, that same day they had to fuck him among all to see if he had a good tail and if he gave the size in the sexual part. Everyone was very surprised with the piece of the secretary’s cock and went crazy when he saw her.

They were fighting to put the cock in their pussy, but since the secretary had a lot of endurance they could all suck it and also fuck them all at their work table.